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a woman shooting calgary web video

Web Video Production

Short, well produced videos can be great tools for catching your audience’s attention and driving them to your business.

We know that social media platforms are prioritizing video in their feeds.

We know that Google is prioritizing fresh, quality content and most importantly relevant content in its search results.

You already have the tools you need to create much of that video yourself! Don’t be shy. Jump right in and start using your iPhone and many of the fun and easy (and often FREE) video editing tools available to you right now. When it comes to little videos like these, your audience does not expect them to be perfect and they need not cost you anything.

Professional Video

There is a time for professional help, though. When it’s time to sell, it’s time to tell. Use a professional videographer and storyteller to tell your business’s most important message. No matter your budget, there is a solution that will allow you to enlist the help of a professional.

See the difference here? For social media and your blog, you need so much content, that it’s perfectly fine to make your own videos, no matter your expertise level. Those videos are designed to show real-world snippets of you, your team and your everyday lives.

But when it comes to explaining why your business is the one your customers should choose, that video needs to be polished. That video needs to look like it has credibility behind it. It needs to look like it could air for an audiences of your biggest competitors.

Types of Web Video and Social Media Video

There are a few types of social media video and web video production used to show off a business in the best light.

Interview Video

This video is similar to a story you might see on the news. I specialize in this because, well, I was a news reporter. Even if you hate the idea of being on camera, I have done more than 10 thousand interviews in my life (yes, I counted) and I’m great at making you, your customers, or your staff feel comfortable.

Whiteboard Video

These videos have become very popular in the past few years. Whiteboard animation is used to explain a complex topic with a voiceover narration. They’re usually set to music and most people love watching them.

Demonstration Video

These videos are full of action. If you want to show why one product is better than another, this is a great way to do it. Viewers love to see how things work, and a demo video is a great way to do that. Demo videos can be cost effective for you, too. If you can send a quality video to potential clients, you can save on travel costs, and can help potential clients visualize what it is you do.

Event Trailer Video

We all want a memento of the events we plan, but how often do we watch a 2 hour video of the event after it is over? Usually the answer is never. The best way to recap a great event, and thank sponsors and guests is to create a “movie trailer” of the event when it is over.

An ex news-reporter is the best person for this job. We’re used to taking a 2, 3 even 4-hour event and boiling it down to 30 seconds or a minute of the very best moments with music and fun graphics. This “trailer” is a great way to look back on your successful event. You can send it out to find sponsors for the next one, and thank people who attended. It’s a great marketing tool.

Stock Footage Video

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had the budget for models and location shoots? That’s just not a reality for most of us anymore. But even in cold, snowy Calgary, I can create a lovely green golf course for you in the dead of winter, using a selection of stock footage that meets your budgetary requirements.


Testimonial Video

Similar to an interview video, these focus on interviews just with happy clients. You find customers who like you. I make sure they sound genuine, comfortable and relaxed on camera. Together, we create a video that makes you look like a rockstar.

Welcome Page Video

Does your homepage need a refresh? Why not make it more dynamic with a loop of video.

Real Estate Video

If you have a property that you’re trying to sell or rent, why not make sure people can view it from the comfort of their own home? Many agents and managers list videos on their websites, but social media is also becoming an increasing source of traffic and there are slightly different parameters for these types of videos.