If you’re selling homes in Calgary, you need the real estate video Calgary expects. Good photography moves properties.

If you’re in the business of giving people a place to call home, you need to be in the business of telling them the story of why your home is the best one for them.

I’m assuming you’ve found your target market, and done your due diligence. That if you’re a seller, you have an idea of who the right buyer is, and if you’re a landlord, you know just the kind of person who will pay you on time, cause no disruption and live in your property forever.

How do you convince them your home is the right home? By making sure they can see themselves living there, only there. There are three steps to ensuring that’s the story they envision:

  • When they Google the keywords of their dream neighbourhood, they should find your property online.
  • When they find your property online, they should see every inch of it.
  • When they see every inch of it, it should look fantastic.

See, there once was a time where people just drove around and looked at real estate signs and For Rent signs. Sure, it still happens. But now, we like to gather as much information online as we can so we know if an open house or a viewing is even worth our time. Here’s what you can do to get your target buyer or renter to sign on the dotted line:

Wide Angle Photos

You can take pictures yourself. There is a lot of good technology available that you don’t need training to use. But the lens of your iPhone or the one that comes with your camera doesn’t cut it.

Let’s look at some comparisons here:

Video Tours – Real Estate Video Calgary

People don’t want to leave their couch to have their first experience with a potential home. If you can offer an appealing virtual tour, you are removing a barrier between you and your ideal client.

You’ve probably noticed the real estate video Calgary is choosing to including in more and more listings. It has many things in common, a beauty shot taken outside, either in sunlight or twilight. It has a smooth transition from each room. It is impeccably staged, offering viewers ideas of what they could enjoy in the home, without ever having to leave their own couch.

On one hand this is an expense for agents. On the other hand, potential buyers have already had a showing, and are warm to the property before they’ve taken a step onto the driveway.  Here is an example that took just one afternoon to produce:


Compelling Writing

The way you write about your property is its first impression on the buyer or renter. Especially if you’re a landlord. In that case, it’s your first impression on someone with whom you are going to have an ongoing relationship. Are you a positive, detail-oriented person? Or are you abrupt, someone who cuts corners?

If you’re a seller, are a lack of details or spelling errors in your listing an indication of how much attention to detail you’ve had about taking care of the place?

You just never know what kind of impression your words make on someone.

Don’t give them a reason to say no.

If you’d like to learn more, I’d be happy to book a free consultation.