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How to Go Viral: Just Don’t

  I read a great post recently on “going viral” by a social media marketing expert I really admire, Susanna Gebauer. In it, she cautioned against using viral marketing as a strategy, and I agree wholeheartedly. Purposely cultivating a targeted audience… Continue Reading →

Why Use Content Marketing? Because it’s Now Non-Optional.

  Recently, entrepreneur Krystal Choo said that her analysis shows brand-produced content doesn’t drive sales. Choo founded Wander, an evolving app that has found its footing as a messaging service.  Her comments were retweeted throughout the content marketing world and… Continue Reading →

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why is storytelling important? because stories are how our brains learn best.

When is Using a Motivational Quote a Bad Idea?

If you’re ever looking for a good quote, ask an entrepreneur. Or an artist. These days, I’m a bit of both. A favourite thing about my post-news reporter life is that I spend my time with one foot in the… Continue Reading →

Myths of “Being Your Own Boss” – Solopreneur Life

  I like to refer to myself as a #bossbabe, but let’s be honest, I’m a solopreneur. I’m only the boss of myself. Without me, Create That Communications consists of (to further quote The Gilmore Girls) some stationery, a coffee… Continue Reading →

Do I miss news? Well, I miss my coworkers. But the rest of it? I feel like I managed to survive a nautical disaster. I miss news like the passengers miss the Costa Concordia. The beginning of the vacation was… Continue Reading →

Don’t Rely on PR

Some people ask me why PR isn’t my main hustle, and it’s a valid question. For most ex-journalists, public relations or media relations seem like the most obvious way to turn skills into income, and many do. Trying to hack… Continue Reading →

Writer for Hire

  Since I left my role as a senior reporter for CTV News in November 2015, lots of people have asked why, or asked what I’m doing now. In reality it was both a move away, and a move toward…. Continue Reading →

Coming Soon: A Website, Finally

Soon, Create That Communications will have a website. With, you know, words. Which makes sense, because I do sell words for a living now. So, bookmark this page in anticipation! And then bear with me. Shoemakers’ kids and all that.* -Bridget… Continue Reading →

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