Content Marketing is Great Storytelling

Most of my content marketing clients came to me wanting to promote their business, while maintaining control of the message. It makes sense, right? You know what makes your business special, you just need someone who can tell a story to help you tell it, and who can interview your staff or your customers and help them tell it, too.

Someone who understands deadlines, and is good at wrangling the demands of multiple stakeholders. Someone who can write it, shoot it, edit it, post it, design it, photograph it or deliver it in any way you want. (Just don’t ask me to sing it) One contractor, with one fee, who can take a project from beginning to end. From writing to posting to promoting.

Still others knew their business belonged on social media, didn’t have the time or interest to devote to it themselves, but worried about trusting the job to someone who didn’t understand the risks of going off-message, or off-brand.

That’s where I come in.

My services include:

  • Web copy/ blogging/ social media
  • Web-ready video production
  • Video or event scripts
  • RFPs/ annual reports
  • Recruiting videos
  • Client testimonial interviews/ videos
  • Infographics
  • Marketing strategy plans

The message your business presents to the world whether on your website, your social media platforms, within the proposals you use to solicit new clients, or the speeches and videos you present to colleagues and the community, reflects how your company is perceived.

You know your business best.

My role is to take my 15 years of award-winning journalism, professional writing and communications experience, and really listen to the message you want to share. Together, we’ll edit it until it’s just right, and create a finished product that makes you 100% happy.

I guarantee it.