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Client Focused Approach vs The Death Spiral

The term “client focused” is usually a style of doing sales, or serving financial planning clients. My dad is a financial planner, I have lots of salespeople in my family so to me, it was a term I was around… Continue Reading →

Developing Grit: 3 Qualities That Lead to Tenacity

Developing grit is something you’re going to do as a business owner whether you want to or not. It’s one of many things you do, whether you want to or not. For instance, I wanted to title this blog “Bridget… Continue Reading →

Why I Quit Lululemon & What I Learned About Marketing in the Process

I live in activewear, but not Lululemon. I quit Lululemon. One of the very best things about being a writer and Bossbabe is the uniform: all athleisure, all the time. After 15 years of heels and suits in news, it’s… Continue Reading →

Embracing change: 1 year out of TV

For a long time, I thought I would be Bridget Brown CTV reporter until I died, a microphone in one hand and a cane in the other. There were a lot of reasons the job wasn’t inspiring me or making… Continue Reading →

Myths of “Being Your Own Boss” – Solopreneur Life

  I like to refer to myself as a #bossbabe, but let’s be honest, I’m a solopreneur. I’m only the boss of myself. Without me, Create That Communications consists of (to further quote The Gilmore Girls) some stationery, a coffee… Continue Reading →

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