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5 Decluttering Lessons For Your Business

Today, I finished an 8-day decluttering cleanse of sorts. An organizing, tidying, cleaning, whatever you want to call it, a process that has changed my life. That was the promise, and it worked. Marie Kondo wrote a book called “The… Continue Reading →

Do Popups Work? Not as well as we think

Summary: Upwards of 80% of people polled say they don’t like popups. So why are we using them? Even though some data shows they increase email signups, we need to evaluate the long term impact on brand sentiment. Popups are not… Continue Reading →

Embracing change: 1 year out of TV

For a long time, I thought I would be Bridget Brown CTV reporter until I died, a microphone in one hand and a cane in the other. There were a lot of reasons the job wasn’t inspiring me or making… Continue Reading →

How to Go Viral: Just Don’t

  I read a great post recently on “going viral” by a social media marketing expert I really admire, Susanna Gebauer. In it, she cautioned against using viral marketing as a strategy, and I agree wholeheartedly. Purposely cultivating a targeted audience… Continue Reading →

Why Use Content Marketing? Because it’s Now Non-Optional.

  Recently, entrepreneur Krystal Choo said that her analysis shows brand-produced content doesn’t drive sales. Choo founded Wander, an evolving app that has found its footing as a messaging service.  Her comments were retweeted throughout the content marketing world and… Continue Reading →

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why is storytelling important? because stories are how our brains learn best.

When is Using a Motivational Quote a Bad Idea?

If you’re ever looking for a good quote, ask an entrepreneur. Or an artist. These days, I’m a bit of both. A favourite thing about my post-news reporter life is that I spend my time with one foot in the… Continue Reading →

Myths of “Being Your Own Boss” – Solopreneur Life

  I like to refer to myself as a #bossbabe, but let’s be honest, I’m a solopreneur. I’m only the boss of myself. Without me, Create That Communications consists of (to further quote The Gilmore Girls) some stationery, a coffee… Continue Reading →

Do I miss news? Well, I miss my coworkers. But the rest of it? I feel like I managed to survive a nautical disaster. I miss news like the passengers miss the Costa Concordia. The beginning of the vacation was… Continue Reading →

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