Social Media is video now. The internet is video now. Marshal McLuhan and Moses Znaimer were wrong (and disagreed with each other) about a lot of stuff, but they weren’t kidding about video.

It was the future then. It continues to be the future now.

I bang on about this a lot these days, but the data backs me up. People like video better than words.

Someone wayyyy smarter than me says so, too. Serena Ehrlich, Director of Social and Evolving Media for Business Wire (and personal she-ro of mine) offered these eye opening stats in an interview with Forbes.

Allow me to write down the highlights. In words. Ha. I love irony.

  • 40% of people (read: your customers) respond better to visuals than text.
  • 1 minute of visuals sends more information than 1.8 million words

And probably most importantly:

video from a television screen

If you want to be seen, you need to be sharing your message in the way your audience wants to receive it. Not just because that’s what your audience is asking for, although that should be reason enough.

Remember when I said I do content marketing not media relations, because I hate gatekeepers? Because I don’t want to beg reporters and editors to share my message and my clients message, I want to be the master of my destiny, blahdeblablahblahblah? Well I was oversimplifying just a wee bit.

There is, of course, still a gatekeeper. Just like in media relations, this gatekeeper has a bunch of rando rules that aren’t shared with us plebes. Half my job as a content marketer is keeping on top of the latest version of these rules.

The gatekeepers are Google, Facebook and all of the other so-called democratic platforms that yes, I do believe you should use to share your own authentic story, rather than begging for traditional media attention.

The problem (or opportunity, as I’d rather see it) is that unlike the traditional media, new media actually cares what the audience responds to. Good content scores high in Google search results. Posts that get lots of engagement get shown more prominently in people’s social feeds. Those are the rules. Be relevant and you will be rewarded.

Web platforms already know that everyone loves video. So they’ve taken it upon themselves to prioritize that content over boring old words.

So look at your website. Your social media updates. If it’s not visual, you need to change that. But you’re smart. You’re probably already adding pictures, maybe even GIFs.

What about video? Don’t you have something you want to say to your customer in your own words?

Everything from your origin story to your clients’ ringing endorsements sound better when told as a story, unfolding on the screen.

Hmm, how can I demonstrate this? I know! How about a video?

Waterstone: Client Testimonial #1 from Create That Communications on Vimeo.