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why is storytelling important? because stories are how our brains learn best.

Client Focused Approach vs The Death Spiral

The term “client focused” is usually a style of doing sales, or serving financial planning clients. My dad is a financial planner, I have lots of salespeople in my family so to me, it was a term I was around… Continue Reading →

The Small Business Mistake Even Experts Make

I’m a professional writer. But not of spreadsheets. “Can you make meeee a spreadddd sheeeeeet? Pleeeeessseee?” I whine to my husband. It’s via text, so I can’t actually see ML’s eyeroll, but his job is to make sure a major… Continue Reading →

Gimme More Video, Says Everyone

Social Media is video now. The internet is video now. Marshal McLuhan and Moses Znaimer were wrong (and disagreed with each other) about a lot of stuff, but they weren’t kidding about video. It was the future then. It continues… Continue Reading →

Working for “Promotion”? Don’t do it.

Will I work for free? For “promotion” or “exposure”? I sat in a bar, in a meeting that had been cancelled on me several times, tried to respond without either laughing or snarking.  If I have a pet peeve, it’s… Continue Reading →

Developing Grit: 3 Qualities That Lead to Tenacity

Developing grit is something you’re going to do as a business owner whether you want to or not. It’s one of many things you do, whether you want to or not. For instance, I wanted to title this blog “Bridget… Continue Reading →

Why I Quit Lululemon & What I Learned About Marketing in the Process

I live in activewear, but not Lululemon. I quit Lululemon. One of the very best things about being a writer and Bossbabe is the uniform: all athleisure, all the time. After 15 years of heels and suits in news, it’s… Continue Reading →

5 Decluttering Lessons For Your Business

Today, I finished an 8-day decluttering cleanse of sorts. An organizing, tidying, cleaning, whatever you want to call it, a process that has changed my life. That was the promise, and it worked. Marie Kondo wrote a book called “The… Continue Reading →

Do Popups Work? Not as well as we think

Summary: Upwards of 80% of people polled say they don’t like popups. So why are we using them? Even though some data shows they increase email signups, we need to evaluate the long term impact on brand sentiment. Popups are not… Continue Reading →

Embracing change: 1 year out of TV

For a long time, I thought I would be Bridget Brown CTV reporter until I died, a microphone in one hand and a cane in the other. There were a lot of reasons the job wasn’t inspiring me or making… Continue Reading →

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